"We are all but a football team"

the director of football

“It is not a football club, it’s not artwork, it’s all that at once”

a supporter collector

Friends that are dreamers, artists and football enthusiasts and who aim to offer the Lombard regional capital a real new alternative to supporters. Visionaries? Passionate? Deluded? Most probably, but in the ever changing and so acclaimed Milan all this sounds mighty good. Planet football does not give away anything and we, who want to take everything without rushing anything, will start from below, the bottom even, from the OpenB category of the CSI Championship.

The province and the mud, the goals and the provocations, the beauty and the roughness of football, much like our inspiration, Milan’s Torre Velasca, too ‘bizarre’ to be in the city’s historical centre, but fascinating and hard to imitate, sticking out like a supporter’s sore thumb, disgustingly beautiful.

Velasca is a long-term project, where the game’s rectangle will be wrapped up, even if only metaphorically, in a media component decidedly too big compared to the importance of the championship. This imbalance will bring the supporters closer to a more genuine football and will ensure that we grow together, because despite our size we dream big, and because to arrive at the twenty-sixth floor we inevitably have to start from the first.

Each head is a world, and we put together approximately thirty of them, waiting to see the result inexorably brought on by the game in the field. The business card is a European one, a club that speaks French-Italian thanks to the presence of managers from across the Alps, adding to the grandeur of this ambitious project. In the end, only the field will be able to tell what we are and where we will go.

But sooner or later, Milan will have a third wheel.

a project by Marco De Girolamo, Karim Khideur, Loris Mandelli, Wolfgang Natlacen and Clément Tournus.